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Welcome to Shef Madres, Sacramento's premier catering company reimagined by Jennifer Millsap. With a passion for culinary excellence and a visionary approach, this local female chef has breathed new life into what was once known as Rossi Catering. Drawing on decades of experience in the Sacramento culinary scene, Jennifer brings a fresh perspective and a wealth of expertise to the table. Her journey has been shaped by countless hours in professional kitchens, honing her skills and mastering the art of creating unforgettable dining experiences. At Shef Madres, we embrace innovation while cherishing tradition, blending flavors from around the world with a touch of local inspiration. We are committed to delivering exceptional service, personalized menus, and an unwavering dedication to quality. Join us as we embark on this culinary adventure, where every dish tells a story and every event is a celebration of food, community, and the joy of shared experiences.

  • Jennifer Millsap, chef and owner of Shef Madres catering company in Sacramento, CA.

    Jennifer Millsap - Chef & Owner

    As a mother, a cancer survivor, and a proud California native, Jennifer possesses a deep desire to cater to her clients' specific nourishment needs while embracing the seasonal abundance. With a wealth of kitchen experience spanning over a decade, she has excelled in diverse culinary roles. From serving as an in-home private chef and meal preparer for NBA players to her humble beginnings in fast-paced, high-end restaurant kitchens, she has thrived in creating memorable experiences, particularly intimate celebrations and private dinners.