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Easter Take Home Meal

Easter Take Home Meal


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Easter Take-Out Special 

Celebrate this Easter with a feast that promises not just to satiate but to delight every palate. 

Indulge in the essence of spring with our specially curated Easter Meal, perfect for celebrating the joyous occasion with family and friends. Each dish in our selection is crafted with care, promising to add a touch of sophistication and flavor to your festive gatherings.

🍓 Berry and Citrus Tartlets: A delightful start, these tartlets burst with the fresh flavors of seasonal berries and citrus, encased in a crisp pastry.

🍗 Curried Chicken Salad Cups: Savory and slightly spiced, these salad cups offer a creamy chicken salad with a hint of curry, served in individual cups.
🥒 Herbed Cream Cheese and Cucumber Tea Sandwiches: Elegant and refreshing, these tea sandwiches are a perfect blend of creamy herb-infused cheese and crisp cucumber.

🍄 Mushroom and Asparagus Quiche: A savory classic, this quiche combines tender asparagus and earthy mushrooms in a creamy, eggy filling.

🧀 Ham and Cheese Puffed Pastry: Flaky pastry envelops a savory mix of ham and melted cheese, creating a mouthwatering bite that's impossible to resist.

🍰 Pineapple-Carrot Cake Minis: Finish on a sweet note with these mini cakes, where the moistness of carrot cake meets the tropical tang of pineapple, topped with a creamy frosting.

Ordering Details:
 📅 Order Cut-off Date: Monday, 3/25
💲 Cost: $30 per person
📦 Minimum Order: For 8 persons

Pickup or Delivery Date: Saturday, 3/30
🚛 Delivery: $5 within 5-mile radius. Deliveries will be scheduled individually with each customer. Expanded delivery range available for additional fee.
🕒 Pickup Time: Saturday, 3 pm - 6:30 pm

📣 Important Notice: We take great care in crafting each element of your pre-ordered take-out meal to ensure a memorable culinary journey. Please note that all sales are final, and we are unable to accommodate substitutions.

Any meals not picked up will be donated to a local food bank, no refunds will be offered. Thank you for understanding.

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